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Juan García Barceló, was born in Vilafranca del Penedès in 1918 and graduated in Chemistry in 1943. Its activity was fully devoted to the enological research. García Barceló began his career at the INIA (National Institute of Agronomic Research), continued in Industrial Fermentation Institute of Juan de la Cierva Patronage (1946-1950), finally finishing in the Enological Station from Vilafranca del Penedès, current INCAVI (Catalan Institute of Vine and Wine) where he completed his career in the analytical field, complementing it as technical consultant for several companies in the sector.

During the Fifties, Juan García Barceló combines his work with the development and manufacture of analogic instruments for laboratory use, under the brand name METEOR, creating equipment such as pH-meters, colorimeters, conductivity meters and flame photometers among others.

Instruments manufactured by Juan García Barceló under his former brand Meteor.
From left to right:
Top: Portable pH-meter; Desktop pH-meter; Industrial pH-meter.
Bottom:  Another desktop pH-meter, Electro-analyzer, Conductivity meter.

García Barceló, a creative person with a restless mind, is author of several books and writings on analytical oenology which we must highlight:

Born entrepreneur, at his 57 years old, founded, in 1975, the company GAB Sistemática Analítica S.L. together with his son Joan X. García Batlle, who inherited the creative genetics of his father. An alliance that made them to become pioneers in the development of methods and reagents specific for wine analysis.

Classic GAB fabrications. From left to right:
Top: Ebulliometer; Volatimeter; Toning+ (plus);
Bottom: Residual Sugars kit AAZ; Sulphurous kit SO2; Cromatography kit CML

This entrepreneurial genetics lasts for the third generation. It is Lluis García Ferrero who, at the age of 28 and after completing his engineering degree and an MBA, joins GAB following the family trajectory with a renewed vision for the future. Fact that allows the company to grow both nationally and internationally, thus reaching the presence in more than 30 countries.

To do this and to consolidate this vision of future, Lluis renews and modernizes those instruments that were created by his grandfather and founder of this solid company and creates new products and services to meet the needs of today's market.

From left to right:
Juan Garcia Barceló and Joan X. Garcia Batlle (1995)

Joan X. Garcia Batlle and Lluís Garcia Ferrero (2011)
General view of the store (2010))


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