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Alcohol distiller MACRODEST GAB

Macrodest is a compact distillation unit by the official method that, however, is much faster than its counterpart thanks to its powerfulness and accurate regulation.

Macrodest is suitable for ALL types of alcoholic beverages, whether they are wines, sweet wines, Vermouths and Sangrias, spirits with and without sugar, high graduation distillates such as Whiskeys, Rum and even creams and hollandaise.

Capable of distilling 250 ml of sample in just 25 minutes and with an uncertainty of +/- 0.1% Vol.

The sample can be redistilled up to 3 times in a row and we are still within the uncertainty.

Reading is with an alcohol meter but can be combined with a digital density meter.


· stainless unit in a compact design

· Extremely simple and easy to use

· With 100% linear power regulation

· Sample: 250 ml

· Distillation time +/- 25 min.

· Limit up to <70% Vol. without dillution

· Uncertainty +/- 0.1% Vol.

Technical characteristics:

· Weight: 7 Kg

· Dimensions: 250x300x630 mm

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