Measurement of CO2 with Carbodoseur



THERMOMETER LR -10+60 ºC ; 1 ºC


1. Bring the CO2 cylinder to the same temperature as the wine to be measured, by rinsing with it. Measurement is most accurate between 5 and 10 ºC

2. Fill the CO2 cylinder till 100 ml by dropping the wine along its wall to avoid CO2 losses.

3. Insert the tube and hermetically cover the cylinder.

4. Take the cylinder with your hand and cover the tube outlet with your thumb.

5. Shake vigorously.

6. Stop stirring, remove your finger and let the wine flow out, keeping the cylinder in a slightly inclined position.

    ATTENTION: stand in a suitable place so as not to "shower" a close observer or soak the walls of the laboratory

7. Repeat the same previous operation until no wine comes out.

8. Remove the cap with the tube.

9. Wait for the foam to disappear.

10. Read the volume of the remaining wine and measure its temperature.

11. With these two data, determine using the table, the CO2 content of a wine in milligrams per liter (mg/L.)

See table in TABLES section

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